We carry out transport on the basis of the CMR Convention,
Transport Law and the Civil Law Code.

Within the scheme of comprehensive organisation of transport processes we provide the following services:

Handling full-size loads and break bulk cargo

Bespoke shipments appropriate for specific one-off orders

Domestic and international transport of hazardous materials and oversize freight

Wide selection of vehicle bodies: refrigerator trucks, isothermal trucks, tarpaulin trucks, curtainsiders, MEGA semi-trailers, platform semi-trailers, tipper trucks, container trucks, coilmulde semi-trailers
We make every effort to adapt our offer to our customers’ needs and to the market requirements.

In our work we attach great importance to the application of the most advanced solutions and technologies.

Professionalism, punctuality, and flexibility in our everyday operations – these are our distinguishing features, much appreciated by our current customers.

Our transport services comply with the CMR Convention, the Transport Law, and the Civil Code.


Comprehensive transport services

Full-sized and
groupage transport

Concrete, single and
collective individual orders

Domestic and international
forwarding within the EU

Extensive selection
available of body types